A Thank You from the Truman Week Committee

As the semester has gotten off to a great start, and everyone is excited about being back on campus together, we wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for all of those who contributed to making Truman Week such a great success. The Truman Week planning committee: Ben Briney (before his departure from Truman), Zac Burden, Michael Facey, Shari Foglesong, Richie Howell, Liz Jorn, Andrea Maag, Jessica Rood (SAB student rep) and Jesse Wren (Student Government student rep). Honorary committee members were the intramurals staff and SAB for their work to coordinate all the social activities and make sure students had fun after a long day.
The committee members worked hard to make a lot of things happen, however there are countless others who were essential to Truman Week’s success. The week could not have happened without (in no particular order):
  • The move-in committee and Residence Life getting everyone settled and ready to start the week,
  • Faculty members who are teaching Self and Society Seminars,
  • The Symposium Committee for bringing Diana Kander as the Truman Lecturer,
  • Student Government Leadership (Shania Montufar, Ethan Kershaw and others) for their work with commuter students and all kinds of other support,
  • Tammy Roberts and Beth Oberman in IT for making it possible for students to have digital schedules they could pull up on their mobile device,
  • Randy Bame and his staff in Baldwin for managing an unspeakable schedule for the auditorium
  • Laura Bates, Corrina McFall and Rebecca Conover and the U&I Student staff for making sure facilities were ready to go and equipment was working and doing anything that was asked of them,
  • The drumline and Michael Bump for upping the level of excitement as we headed into convocation,
  • Teresa Wheeler for making an awesome poster for some key events, and Katie Best for designing convocation programs,
  • The intramural staff from the Rec and SAB for all the evening social events.
  • The Physical Plant staff and the volunteers who worked the two weeks before to make sure campus looked as good as it possibly could, and the stages and outdoor spaces were ready when we needed them,
  • Everyone and anyone who sponsored a scavenger hunt event or an information session, served at a picnic., etc.
  • The student employees in the Student Life Office who folded letters, added tassels and stuffed envelopes for Convocation,
  • Volunteers who popped up spur of the moment and found themselves saying “yes” when asked to help with a task.
  • And anyone we may have inadvertently overlooked adding to the list.
We express our most sincere appreciation for all that you do to help our students enter and acclimate to the University during these five important days! They may think it looks easy because all of you work to make it look that way. What a fun week!  
With gratitude,
Brittany Hagenhoff, professor of chemistry
Janna Stoskopf, dean of student life
Truman Week Committee co-chairs
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