Truman Alumni Successful in Ph.D. Completion

In data released by the National Science Foundation last fall from a survey of earned doctorates, For the undergraduate institution of doctoral recipients, Truman came in No. 15 overall for master’s colleges and universities in the “2021 Top 20 by Carnegie Class.” This is an edited table that was included in the NSF’s report that shows the top 20 universities based on college size and degrees offered for 2021 doctoral degree earners.
In the past 10 years, Truman alumni earned 247 Ph.D.s in the fields of agriculture, biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy, computer science, and mathematics and statistics. That places the University 11th overall for STEM Ph.D.s for master’s and smaller schools, third overall for master’s schools, and first for mid-sized Masters institutions. The second-ranked school for mid-sized master’s institutions had 156 Ph.D.s earned by their alumni.
The NSF report can be found at The full data can be accessed through the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics’ interactive data tool by searching “earned doctorates.”

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