Kirk Project Makes Progress with Demo Work


After nearly a year of planning and preliminary work, the first steps of transforming the Kirk Building into a Student Success Center will begin Feb. 7 with partial demolition work.

Crews will be on site from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. A majority of the work will take place indoors with projects that do not make as much noise scheduled for the early morning hours out of respect for the nearby residence halls. Dumpsters will be located near the south end of Kirk Building. The partial interior demolition work should be completed in March.

With financial assistance from the state of Missouri, Truman will renovate the Kirk Building to house a new Student Success Center. The center will employ a collaborative service model in which individual student service departments do not simply co-locate and deliver their services nearby to one another, but rather, work in coordination to meet students’ needs from entry to exit. The Student Success Center will be comprised of: the Career Center; Tutoring Services; the Student Health Center; Counseling Services; Student Access and Disability Services; the Center for Academic Excellence; the Communication Lab; and the Writing Center.

Constructed in 1923, Kirk Building is named in honor of John R. Kirk, an alumnus and the second-longest tenured president in University history. For generations of alumni, it is remembered as the social center of campus since it was the site of games, assemblies and events.