Speech and Debate Team Performs Well at Tournaments

The speech and debate team competed at Webster University’s 25th Annual Gorlok Gala in St. Louis, Missouri. Out of 28 schools in attendance, they finished first overall, leading by more than 100 points. The team also receive recognition as the top Pi Kappa Delta school, and the individual events (IE)/speech team finished first in IE sweepstakes. Many students received individual honors based on their speeches, debates and performances.
In debate, junior Alicia Stout made it to the quarterfinals in Open Lincoln-Douglas (LD) debate and was speaker champion at the tournament.
The novice/freshmen speech team members also performed exceptionally well.

Briggs Maynor was awarded top novice in program oral interpretation, fifth place in poetry, fifth place and top novice in dramatic interpretation (DI), and fourth place and top novice in duo interpretation with Jessie Philips. Briggs was also the tournament champion in duo with junior Ella Schnake.
• Philips finished fourth and top novice in both duo with Briggs and in poetry.
Alex Peterson was the tournament champion and top novice in communication analysis (CA), third place and top novice in both impromptu speaking and persuasion and fourth and top novice in prose. Peterson accumulated enough points to place third in individual sweepstakes at the tournament.
Anna Hans earned fifth place in persuasion.
Brynna Seim was top novice and fourth place in after dinner speaking (ADS).
Varsity speech team members had a comparable showing.
• Junior Jillian Humke earned second place in ADS, third place in both DI and improvisational duet acting (IDA) with Schnake, fourth place in POI and excellence in impromptu. Humke placed second in individual sweepstakes at the tournament.
• Junior Megan Ford placed third in both ADS and CA, and sixth in IDA with senior Maya Krump.
• Junior Lucah McCullough finished fourth in persuasion and earned excellence in impromptu.
• Schnake earned third in IDA with Humke and second place in both CA and poetry. Schnake was the tournament champion in DI, prose and duo with Maynor. She was individual sweepstakes tournament champion.
• Krump finished fourth in informative speaking, sixth in IDA with Ford and seventh in persuasion.
New qualifications to the NFA national competition in April include Seim for ADS, Schnake for CA and poetry, McCullough for persuasion, Humke for POI and Peterson for prose.
Also, in attendance at the Gorlok were juniors Eli Bartz and Elijah Baum and freshman Aiden Breesawitz.

The speech team also competed virtually in the Online Asynchronous Tournament Series (OATS) #5. The team took home first place in team sweepstakes out of 44 schools.
• Maynor finished sixth in DI, third in duo with Schnake and was the top novice in duo with Philips. Maynor received top novice and fourth place in individual sweepstakes.
• Philips was fourth and top novice in impromptu and top novice in duo with Maynor.
• Peterson earned top novice and fifth place in ADS.
• Humke finished second in ADS and fourth in DI.
• Ford finished third in ADS.
• Schnake was the tournament champion in DI and finished third in duo with Maynor. She received third place in individual sweepstakes.

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