Chemistry Students

Truman students from the Miller research lab in chemistry presented at the National American Chemical Society Meeting in San Diego, California, from March 20-24. Senior biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology (BCMB) major Conaire Bradfield; senior chemistry major Alex Platt; senior BCMB major Collin Hansen; senior BCMB major Quin Blankenship; senior BCMB major Jake Collins; junior BCMB major Ainsley LaMore; junior physics major Dominic Caputa; junior biology major Peyton Williams; and junior BCMB major Sarah Holmes presented a total of eight posters in the areas of biological chemistry, analytical chemistry and/or computational chemistry. The research poster presented by Blankenship and Caputa was selected for a special poster session known as Sci-Mix (Science Mixer). Much of this research and travel were both funded by the Truman Chemistry Department.

Student presenters left to right: Quin Blankenship, Collin Hansen, Conaire Bradfield and Jake Collins. Bottom row left to right: Alex Platt, Ainsley LaMore, Peyton Williams, Dominic Caputa and Sarah Holmes.

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