Starbucks Offers Free Nitro Cold Brew Tasting


The Starbucks in Pickler Memorial Library now features one of the coffee chain’s most exclusive drinks, Nitro Cold Brew.

Sodexo will offer free samples of the Nitro Cold Brew from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. March 16 in the library Starbucks.

Starbuck’s signature Cold Brew – steeped for 20 hours – is infused with nitrogen as it pours from the tap. This creates microbubbles, which gives the coffee a frothy texture and brings forward a subtle sweetness, as well as a rich, creamy head of foam. Due to this process, Nitro Cold Brew is best served black. Nitrogen can make a drink as strong as black coffee taste smooth and sweet. Adding sweeteners and creamers will disrupt the bubbles and foam head, however, flavoring like Starbuck’s house made vanilla sweet cream can be added without disrupting the flow of the brew.

Nitro Cold Brew can only be served in either tall or grande sizes in order to protect the integrity of the brew. If put into a venti or trenta, the brew would become too thin and not hold its signature creamy head of foam. It is also served without ice, mostly due to the fact the ice gets in the way of the coffee settling properly.
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