Science and Mathematics Faculty Awarded More Than $2 Million in Grants

Faculty members in the School of Science and Mathematics recently received more than $2 million in grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Binational Science Foundation (BSF) to purchase equipment, provide students with scholarships, promote curricular innovations and conduct research on topics ranging from ectoparastite biology to mathematical biology.  

Timothy Walston, Zhong (John) Ma, Brent Buckner, Diane Janick-Buckner and Jose Herrera received $196,304 for an NSF-MRI (Major Research Instrumentation) grant entitled, ‘Acquisition of Confocal Microscopy Instrumentation to Enhance Undergraduate Research at Truman State University.’ This grant will fund the purchase of a confocal microscope that will be placed in Truman’s Integrated Microscopy Suite. Students and faculty members of ATSU and Truman will use the microscope to study cellular process in living organisms. 

Laura Fielden received $120,000 from the BSF (U.S.-Israel) for a proposal entitled, ‘Between-host phylogenetic distance and host selection in fleas.’ The U.S.-Israel BSF promotes scientific relations between the U.S. and Israel by supporting collaborative research projects between Israel and U.S.-based researchers. This collaborative grant with faculty members at Ben Gurion University (Israel) will provide summer research opportunities in Israel for undergraduate and graduate students for up to four years.  

Jason Miller, Barbara Kramer and Timothy Walston received $1.2 million for an NSF-PRISM (Proactive Recruitment in Science and Mathematics) proposal entitled, ‘Scientists Prepared, Enriched, and Challenged Through Research-based Activities (SPECTRA).’ The NSF-SPECTRA program is a five-year initiative to serve regional and national needs by increasing Truman’s capacity to recruit students to the study of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and to support those pursuing STEM baccalaureate degrees. The majority of the funds will be directed toward student scholarships, but the program also features the development of an integrative freshman seminar and three new integrative, inquiry-based courses spanning biology, chemistry and mathematics.

Pamela Ryan, Brent Buckner, Jason Miller and Jon Gering received $500,000 for an NSF-UBM (Interdisciplinary Training for Undergraduates in Biological and Mathematical Sciences) proposal entitled, ‘Integrative Research-focused Experiences and Curriculum in Mathematical Biology.’ This five-year grant provides funding for interdisciplinary research-focused learning communities and module and workshop development to support the integration of mathematics in the biology curriculum.

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