TRU Self Creates Pathways for Student Success

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Students in the TRU Self program attend a barbecue at the University residence before the start of the semester. The TRU Self program gives participating students an opportunity to explore campus early and become familiar with the available resources to be successful at the college level.

Now in its third year, the TRU Self Program has helped more than 50 students prepare for their college experience.

TRU Self offers incoming students from underrepresented groups a chance to get to know each other before the start of classes. TRU Self scholars arrive in town prior to the traditional move-in date and participate in a four-day program that allows them to explore campus and the community, as well as learn about resources to aid in their success at the college level.

This year, 20 incoming students took part, connecting with faculty and staff members from academic departments, the Career Center, Pickler Memorial Library, University Counseling Services and the McNair Program, among other resources. 

“TRU Self gives students an opportunity to get established, make some friends and learn what they need to do to be successful at college,” said Vanessa Alexander, director of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. “For many of these students, this is their first time living in a rural area, or in some cases, living among people who come from backgrounds different than their own. After only a few years of sponsoring this program, we can already see it’s helping students on their path to earning a degree.”

In addition to getting acclimated to life on a college campus, TRU Self scholars are enrolled in a year-long mentoring program with upperclassmen.

Qualifying TRU Self scholars apply to be enrolled in the program the summer before their first year at Truman. More information about the program can be found at or by contacting the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at 660.785.4142.
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