Benefits Committee Announces Exercise Release Time

The Benefits Advisory Committee has announced the implementation of staff exercise release time.

Beginning May 28, all staff who receive breaks (salaried or hourly workers) may combine their two designated 15-minute break times into one 30-minute break time for exercise.

Staff members should be allowed the flexibility to arrange this time conveniently in their workday. For example, in may be effective to incorporate the 30 minutes of exercise before or after meal breaks so that exercise may be prolonged.

This break time only applies to exercise that is completed at the Student Recreation Center or Natatorium.

The Student Recreation Center and faculty from the health and exercise science program at Truman State University will be helping to kick off the program June 6. There will be orientations to the Student Recreation Center weight room, information about getting started on a fitness program, optional fitness testing and free prizes.

Contact Karen Skoch, fitness and wellness director at the Student Recreation Center, at 785.7739 for more information.
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