One Acts

A Short Stack of One Acts
Truman Theatre presents three nights of student-directed plays

8 p.m. • April 25-27
James G. Severns Theatre in Ophelia Parrish

The Festival of One-Act Plays includes a mix of drama, comedy and dance. Two directors will present their short one-act plays each night. Admission is Free.

April 25
“Gilgamesh,” a Persian Epic directed by Rosie Higgins

“Zig-Zag Woman,” by Steve Martin, directed by Matt Powell

April 26
“The Hardy Boys and The Mystery of Where Babies Come From” and “The Philadelphia,” two comedies directed by Michael Foster

“The Worker,” a new play premiering in America this week, directed by Jeff Sanders

April 27
“Titanic,” by Christopher Durang, directed by Aaron Chester

“Loyalties” and “Out the Window,” both directed by Jessica Paulter
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