Faculty and Staff Recognized at Service Luncheon

Members of the faculty and staff celebrating their retirement, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th or 45th anniversaries of service to Truman were honored at the annual Service Recognition Luncheon, May 15, in the Student Union Building Georgian Room.

In the photo above are the 2017-18 retirees honored at the Service Recognition Luncheon. Seated, left to right: John Green, Sally Cook, Diane Bloskovich, Kathy Elsea and Judy Mullins. Back row: Gregg Siewert, Paul Detweiler, H. Martin Jayne, Mark Appold, Roger Johnson and Adrien Presley. Not pictured: David Conner, Sharon Crook, Terry Crook, Maria Di Stefano, Roger Festa, Mark Hanley, Dean Hansen, Jerry Mayhew, Toby Peavler, Silvia Pites, Eldon Rouse, Linda Seidel and Marilyn Yaquinto.

Connie Ikerd and David Rector were recognized for celebrating their 45th anniversaries of service to Truman.

Marsha Redmon and Mark Appold were recognized for celebrating their 40th anniversaries of service to Truman.

Traci Hill (left), George Walker and Wanda Cagle were recognized for celebrating their 35th anniversaries of service to Truman. Not pictured: Tom Bray and David McKamie

Pictured above are the 30-year honorees. Seated, left to right: Cindy Woods, Rhoda Kennard and Carol Lockhart. Back row: James Guffey, Paul Parker and David Murphy. Not pictured: Dawood Afzal, Kenneth Carter, Kevin Easley, Teresa Greenstreet, Ruthie Halma, Clifton Kreps, Linda Moore, Ronald Rybkowski, Steven J. Smith and Sally Weber.

Pictured above are the 25-year honorees. Seated, left to right: Susan Scheurer, Joyce Schmitz and Andrea Davis. Back row: Carolyn Wriedt, Bill Kuntz, Lloyd Pflueger, Shawna Barker and Jon Beck. Not pictured: Natalie Alexander, Jay Belanger, Michael Cannon, Marty Jacques, Doug Ludolph and Kimberly Sayre.

Pictured above are the 20-year honorees. Seated, from left to right: Elizabeth M. Clark, Denise Bahr, Donald Bindner, Karl Schneider and Laura Thrasher. Middle row: Anthony Vazanna, Dana Vazanna, Kim Murphy, Paula McCartney, Hena Ahmad and Tim Mills. Back row: Joseph W. Smith, Rusty Nelson, Dean Baker, Royce Kallerud and Michael Seipel. Not pictured: Mike Burkett, Mike Cameron, Michael Goggin, Christine Harker, Ding-hwa Hsieh, Liz Jorn, David Lusk, Sam McClure, Jeanne Mitchell, Blake Pigg, Daniel Robbins, Deanna Rood, Bridget Thomas and Torbjorn Wandel.

Pictured above are the 15-year honorees. Seated, from left to right: Dawn Howd, Laurie Hall, Bethany Gibson and Julie Lochbaum. Back row: Charles Porter, Louis McKim, Mark Jennings and Gina Anthes. Not pictured: Elaine AuBuchon, Richard Blackstad, Rebecca Glaspie and Mary Jane Kiefer.

Pictured above are the 10-year honorees. Seated, from left to right: Dorothea Shipman, John Gardner, Brandi Wriedt, Jeri Speak, Erika Sterup and Donna Liss. Back row: Linda Bondy, Sherril Pearce, Travis Miles, David Leaton, Louis Veatch, Diane Sandefur and Patricia Hanson. Not pictured: Sergio Escobar, David Charles Goyette, Charles Gran, Stephen Hudman, Katherine Jackson, Joshua Noel, Tasha Peel, James Sheets, Carla Smith, Richard Sparks, Stacy Tucker-Potter and Norman White.

Pictured above are the five-year honorees. Seated, from left to right: Arlen Egley, Stacey Dromey, Billi Gordy, Molly Corrick and Sarah Sweet. Back row: Sara Holzmeier, James Payton, James Judd, Kelly Elsea, James O’Donnell, Jeremy McAninch and Lok Ng. Not pictured: Mark Best, José Clemente Carreño Medina, Amy Egan, Katherine Fortenberry, Debby Goins, Lisa Goran, John Jones, Nancy Kleine, Linda McFarland, Casey McKim, Denice Miller, John Nash, Weston Newell, Yung-hwal Park, Richard Sapp, Paul Shapiro, David Walker, Jack Winstead, Tina Williams Alicia Wodika and Benjamin Wodika.
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