VH2000 Testing Facility

The Violette Hall atrium has undergone some changes over the summer. 

The online Algebra and Trig programs offered through the Math department have increased in enrollment so much that a new testing/proctoring facility was needed.  Conveniently, ITS had observed a decline in the usage of the open academic lab in VH2000.  The two departments worked together over the summer to swap spaces in order to better maximize facility use. 

VH2000 now provides a 48-seat testing facility which will help alleviate pressure on regular classrooms pressed into testing service and provide for better experience for students enrolled in these courses. 

The ITS open academic lab has been moved to VH2001, the former location of the specialty Computer Science lab affectionately known as "the nerdery."  This open lab now seats 14 and has a high-capacity B/W printer that students can use for remote or drop-in printing needs. 

The final move in this project was to relocate the aforementioned Computer Science Lab to VH2110.  Professor Don Bindner and a team of students coordinated this move where they were able to gain some network improvements and improved layout. 

We thank everyone for their cooperation on this joint project and look forward to better functionality for everyone!
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