Scantron Changes

For those individuals who use the Scantron system for test scoring, the hardware and software have both been upgraded, and responsibility for scanning has changed.


Some highlights of the new system:


Test Scoring

·         Scores 200-question objective tests (multiple choice, true/false, matching).

·         Prints an error mark or the correct answer next to the wrong answer.

·         Prints the total number of wrong answers as a raw score or percentage and raw score.

·         Prints a serial number identifying each form.


Item Analysis

Prints the number of tests processed, number of students answering each question incorrectly and an average score.


Performance-Based Scoring

Combines a score from an objective-based test with results of a performance-based assignment into one raw or percentage score.


Scan Area

Reads up to 100 items per side (multiple choice, matching, true/false, etc.).


New, Easier-to-Read Reports Available

·         Student Statistics  (most popular report)

·         Student Response  (most popular report)

·         Class Frequency Distribution

·         Condensed Test

·         Test Item Statistics

·         Item Analysis



What’s Different?

  • Only the new “blue” forms will work with the Scantron system
  • Faculty must fill in the bubble to identify which form is the key
  • The student ID field must be filled out to 10 characters, so some students may have to add a leading ‘0’ or two
  • The exams should be taken to MC214 for scoring (ITS is no longer the drop-off/pick-up location for these exams, it is Social & Cultural Studies)
  • The reports available have changed, so faculty will need to select from new report options
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