Student Recreation Center can be Added to TruView

The Student Recreation Center can now be added on your TruView to get the latest news from the facility.

Check out information about group fitness classes, Intramural registration and events, space reservations, upcoming events, weekly fit-tips, and more.

Use these directions to add the channel to your layout in TruView by following these instructions:

1. Log into TruView

2. Click on the Content/Layout link in the upper left-hand corner

3. Select the tab to which you wish to add a channel by clicking on the tab name [selecting where on your TruView screen you want the information displayed]

4. Click the Add Channel button in the desired location

5. Select a channel category (News then click GO), then subcategory Institution then click GO

6. Select a channel (Campus Recreation), then click Add Channel

Please contact Karen Skoch if you have any questions or would like any particular health/fitness topics addressed.
Skoch can be reached at 785.4467 or
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