Community Sharing Bike Program Provides Alternate Transportation Method for Students

The Community Sharing Bike Program (CSBP) is looking for bike donations, especially from people leaving campus and leaving a bike behind. People who have a bike in virtually any condition may drop it off at the Truman State University Recycling Center, across from the tennis courts on La Harpe. The Recycling Center is open from 8 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday-Friday. People may also do an after hours drop off on the recycling pad, but this option is not secure.

CSBP will postpone services during the summer, due to a lack of “renting” infrastructure. The program will begin again with the start of the fall 2006 semester. The first Maintenance Mayhem workshop on bike repairs will take place during the fall semester. Experienced mechanics will work side by side with novices at this event to fix up and tune up the bikes and teach/learn about bike care.

Students who are staying in Kirksville during the summer and would like to have a bike to meet their transportation needs can contact Cassie Phillips to establish eligibility for an extended summer loan. Participants must register in the program and commit to good bike stewardship by locking the bike up when not in use, resolving minor maintenance issues like repairing flat tires, and preferably keeping the bike protected from rain.

CSBP was started in December 2005 and introduced a fleet of 15 bikes to the Truman community in March 2006. The program is designed to give students and community members easy access to healthy, environmentally friendly and inexpensive transportation. Although the main coordinators of the program are the Environmental Campus Organization (ECO) and the Mountain Biking Club, the strength of the program lies in its dependence on the generosity and support of many organizations and individuals through donations of time, money, bikes, tools and labor. Through the Community Sharing Bike Program, registered participants can borrow a bike any time the residence hall desks are open. The coordinators hope that the program will grow, inspiring people to look for alternatives to automotive transport.

To register for the Community Sharing Bike Program (CSBP), fill out an official registration form at a CSBP event or any residence hall desk. Make sure you fill out the entire form, including all contact information, and read and sign the waiver at the bottom. Also, fill out an official bike card, including all contact information, and sign the back. On the space for “file binder” write the name of the residence hall in which you are registering. This allows the program coordinators to track the paperwork. However, you may borrow a bike from any dorm. Finally, a worker will confirm your identity and student ID number with your student ID or your license number with your driver’s license and file your form.

For more information, contact one of the program coordinators: Cassie Phillips at 660.888.1202 or; Michelle Brown at 785.5755 or; or Michael Herron at 785.5777 or
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