Phi Beta Lambda Attends State Conference

Members of Truman’s Phi Beta Lambda received recognition at the 56th State Leadership Conference in Springfield, Mo. April 11.

The conference features competitive events for individuals and teams, leadership training and election of officers for the next year.  

The following students and teams from Truman were recognized at the awards program:

Kelsey Beasley

First Place, Macroeconomics

Alexis Caraker
Fifth Place, Accounting Principles
Third Place, Business Ethics (Team)
Second Place, Word Processing

Joanne Chong
Third Place, Marketing Analysis & Decision Making

Julian Fung
Fourth Place, Macroeconomics

Joshua Gregg
Second Place, Project Management
Fourth Place, Sports Management & Marketing

Hailey Ketchum
First Place, Human Resource Management (Team)
Fourth Place, Retail Management

Kana Kotani
Third Place, Statistical Analysis

Taylor Libbert
First Place, Business Communications
Third Place, Business Ethics (Team)
Fourth Place, Organizational Behavior & Leadership

Quan Luong
Second Place, International Business
Third Place, Organizational Behavior & Leadership

Tommy Ng
First Place, Statistical Analysis

Thang Nguyen
First Place, Management Concepts
Fifth Place, Personal Finance
Third Place, Project Management

Mai Pham
Fourth Place, Business Communications

Alicia Priyatmo
First Place, Impromptu Speaking

Becca Stearns
First Place, Human Resource Management

Ashton Wolter
First Place, Financial Concepts
First Place, Macroeconomics
First Place, Microeconomics

Many of the students recognized are eligible to represent Truman at the National Leadership Conference this June in Chicago.

Phi Beta Lambda students recently attended a state leadership conference in Springfield, Mo. Pictured, front row, left to right: Joanne Chong, Siying Li, Mai Pham, Alicia Priyatmo, Rebecca Stearns, Kana Kotani, Taylor Libbert and Quan Luong. Back row, left to right: Jessica Sebek, Kelsey Beasley, Hailey Ketchum, Alexis Caraker, Jeananne Pigeon, Joshua Gregg, Ashton Wolter and Cathy Poyner.