Truman Takes Steps Toward Healthier Campus

As of July 1, 2015 Truman’s campus will be tobacco-free. This means that the use of cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and electronic nicotine delivery systems (e-cigarettes) will be prohibited on campus grounds.

Students who are current smokers can seek help breaking their habit through the Student Smoking Cessation Program sponsored by Truman’s Health Center and University Counseling Services. This program is centered around a team of volunteer smoke cessation coaches made up of staff members trained to assist in the student’s cessation journey. They can provide personalized coaching and support plans as well as nicotine replacement items including gum, lozenges and patches. In addition, “Quit-kits,” containing habit-reducing products such as flavored chewing gum and toothpicks, will be provided cost free to students.

Students who are interested in becoming tobacco-free and believe they can benefit from the services of a coach or provision of nicotine replacement products and other habit-reduction products, can reach out to any of the following staff members,

Michelle Cannon-Breland, Office of Student Affairs: 660.785.4111

Lori Elschlager, Student Health Center: 660.785.4182

Brenda Higgins, Student Health Center and University Counseling Services: 660.785.4182

Miranda Kolenda, Student Recreation Center: 660.785.7739

Susan Limestall, Student Recreation Center: 660.785.7739

William Nelsen, Residence Life: 660.785.4227

Lyne Palmisano
, Student Health Center: 660.785.4182

Megan Swingle
, Residence Life: 660.785.4830

Teresa Tucker
, Student Health Center: 660.785.4182

Vicky Wehner, Student Health Center and Disability Services: 660.785.4182

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