Vaccine Keeps COVID Numbers Down


In their weekly meeting, Faculty Senate COVID-19 Working Group committee members Nancy Daley-Moore and Scott Alberts discussed the early effects of the vaccine on case numbers at Truman, as well as planning ahead for returning home in the summer.

Since the vaccine has become readily available in the area, Truman’s numbers have remained consistently low. The active number has remained in the single digits for the entirety of March and April, and twice the University has reported zero cases for the week. In a survey of Truman students, approximately 60 percent have already received the vaccine.

Students who have been vaccinated should have an easier time returning home for the summer. Daley-Moore and Alberts recommend any students who have yet to be vaccinated make a plan for returning home. They should consider getting tested as well as quarantining before and after they return.

A recording of their conversation can be found here.
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