Taste of Truman Summer Program Offers Alumni and Friends “Mini College” Experience

Students of all ages are being welcomed to the Truman campus again this June as part of the second annual “Taste of Truman” – an event designed to give participants a little taste of the high caliber classes offered by the University.

The weekend features 12 short classes from some of Truman’s most respected and honored faculty. In addition, participants can enjoy organized activities at University facilities, a themed banquet and lots of informal and organized social time, with complimentary meals throughout.

Originally envisioned as a “mini college” experience for returning alumni, organizers of the event have opened Taste of Truman to anyone in the community.

“Many colleges and universities hold events like these for alumni each year,” said Kevin Minch, director of the Truman Institute, “but we wanted to build an event that would be of interest to more than just alumni. We think the events we have planned will have really broad appeal and we hope people in the community will join us.”

Participants can elect two, three-hour extended courses and four, 90-minute short courses that interest them from a list of subjects. Topics range from the basics of digital photography and the rhetoric of food to the music of the “Silk Road” and 13th century Venetian art. For students with more eclectic tastes, the weekend also features a course on hypnosis and a class that addresses navigation by the stars.  

“There’s a little in here for everyone who wants to learn something new…and maybe a little off-beat,” Minch said.

For the benefit of K-12 teachers seeking continuing education credit, a special themed “track” has been created around topics related to Marco Polo’s legendary journey from Venice to China. For only $25, teachers can earn one graduate credit and receive supplemental training about creating interdisciplinary linkages between a wide range of topics.

Participants will also be treated to a range of fun activities, including: “Stars and S’mores,” a bonfire and night of stargazing at the University Observatory; a guided tour of campus history and architecture; a hands-on experience in Pickler Memorial Library’s Special Collections; and a guided visit to the Ruth Warner Towne Museum and Visitor’s Center, among other opportunities.

Saturday evening will be capped-off with an outdoor banquet – “Dinner and a Yurt” – casting the theme of Marco Polo’s travels in food with dishes representing the regions of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“Last year’s Taste of Truman was a blast,” Minch said. “We got so much positive feedback. We even had a couple get engaged while they were here. We won’t make any guarantees about romance, but we will guarantee that people will learn a lot and have fun.”

Taste of Truman will take place June 24-26. Participation costs $150 and is inclusive of all classes and meals. Additional options, including graduate credit and guest meal tickets are also available. Out-of-town guests are welcome and may elect to stay on campus or in one of several local hotels offering a special rate for participants.

For more information on the program, or to register, visit the Taste of Truman website at http://institute.truman.edu/taste.asp.

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