Plan Ahead for Internship Opportunities

Tremendous opportunities are available to students through internships. Truman sponsors the Missouri Government Internship Program and the Harry S. Truman Presidential Museum and Library Internships. Truman is also an affiliate of The Washington Center Internship Program.

The Missouri Government Internship Program offers a unique opportunity for juniors or seniors to intern at the Capitol in Jefferson City, Mo., with a public official, legislator or state agency during the spring semester. The internship, which is open to all majors, provides an inside look at state government. The interns live in Jefferson City during the spring semester and receive a stipend of $2,500.  They may also earn up to 15 hours of credit.

Truman students interested in spending a summer in Washington, D.C., are given that opportunity through the Truman in Washington Internship Program affiliated with The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars.

To be eligible for the Truman in Washington Internship Program, students must have at least a 3.25 grade point average. Selection for the program is competitive, with the University sponsoring only five students to participate during each summer semester. The annual program awards participants credit hours for their internship work and an independent study project.

The Harry S. Truman Presidential Museum and Library Internship provides an opportunity for a student to spend a summer at the Truman Library, located in Independence, Mo. The internship is open to all Truman juniors and seniors who meet University requirements for an internship. Students can earn up to 10 hours of credit for this full-time internship. This is an eight-week unpaid internship. After being selected by a University committee and the Truman Library staff, the intern may work in a variety of areas of the Library including archives, public relations, marketing, educational programming, museum development or visitor services. Assignments are based on the interns’ abilities and interests along with the Library’s needs. The internship offers a five-hour (in-state) tuition scholarship.

When thinking about an internship, it is important to plan ahead for living arrangements. Truman allows students who are accepted into a University-sponsored internship to be relieved of their residence hall contract without being charged a termination fee.
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