Band, Bagels and Ball Highlight “Tea Time”

In the most recent installment of “Tea Time with Sue,” University President Sue Thomas welcomed Curran Prendergast, director of bands and associate professor of music.
Prendergast, currently in his ninth year at Truman, guides all aspects of the band and graduate instrumental conducting programs. He conducts Wind Symphony I and II, and directs the Statemen Marching Band. During their conversation, Prendergast touched on the excitement of conducting and the significance of the “Shenandoah” to so many band alumni.
Outside of his work at Truman, Prendergast talked about his ability to make homemade bagels, as well as his new found enthusiasm for the sport of pickleball and what it’s like to coach youth soccer.

The entire podcast conversation can be found on the Truman Spotify channel. Follow Truman on social media for video excerpts from “Tea Time with Sue.” The complete video is also posted on the Truman YouTube channel.

Throughout the school year, President Thomas will welcome guests for one-on-one chats that shine a light on the people and things that make Truman the special place it is. New episodes will be announced in the Truman Today as they become available. Guests for “Tea Time with Sue” can be nominated at
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