COVID Group Talks Survey Results, Approach to Sickness


In their weekly discussion, the Faculty Senate COVID-19 Working Group committee members Scott Alberts, Nancy Daley-Moore and Christine Harker discussed the number of campus cases. They examined questions regarding the weekly case count, acknowledging that not all sickness is COVID-19, which further illustrates the value of testing and the importance of accounting for all aliments. Sick individuals, regardless of their particular illness, should not attend class, and instructors should be as accommodating as possible to avoid having potentially contagious individuals in class.

The committee was also joined by student Madison Ingerman-Fitzgerald, who helped the group take a deep look at the two surveys recently completed by students and employees. Results indicate the known vaccination rate is 65% for employees and 50% for students. While these numbers are promising, an increase in the rate would help mitigate spread in the Truman and Kirksville communities. The committee postulated many individuals who did not respond to the survey were likely vaccinated, but could not be confirmed. The recently announced incentive program was implemented to increase the known vaccination rate.

Among other topics, the discussion touched on the extension of the mask policy, as well as advice for how to handle more activities taking place indoors as the semester progresses further into fall. A complete recording of their conversation can be found here.
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