Speech and Hearing Clinic Receives Grant

Truman’s Speech and Hearing Clinic has been selected as a recipient for the 2021 SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd grant for the third consecutive year. This clinical grant is sponsored by Parkinson Voice Project, a non-profit organization that developed a voice treatment for people with Parkinson's disease. As a grant recipient, the communications disorder department will have access for two of the CMDS faculty, as well as online SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd training for all graduate students.

In addition, they will have free access to the research, intent and teletherapy webinars of the Parkinson Voice Project for all speech pathology faculty and students at the clinic. They will also be provided with a variety of treatment materials and marketing brochures. The training and materials enable to serve members of the community with Parkinson's disease to be treated in facilities with evidence-based treatments that facilitates their ongoing communicative skills, even as the disease progresses.

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