Choices Determine COVID Future


Members of the Faculty Senate COVID-19 Working Group, Nancy Daley-Moore, Scott Alberts and Christine Harker, recently discussed the University’s numbers for the week of Jan. 26.

Truman saw a slight increase in case count, and there is some concern that the cases are from a number of separate pods meaning they have the potential to lead to more cases in the coming days and weeks. The group used this as an opportunity to discuss increased vigilance to limit exposure to and spread of the virus. While many in the community may be experiencing “COVID fatigue” from months of quarantining, now is not the time to be lax in safety protocols. Everyone should continue to:

  • Wear a mask;
  • Maintain social distance;
  • Wash their hands;
  • Avoid gatherings, including parties, restaurants and bars;
  • Do not travel to and from Kirksville.

On a positive note, there is little evidence linking positive cases to classroom activity. Because classrooms have been socially distanced and other safety protocols are in place on campus, the likelihood of spread is minimal. Transmissions occur at other times, which is why the entire community should be thoughtful in the choices they make and how they may affect other people.

A recording of the Faculty Senate COVID-19 Working Group conversation is available here.
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