Follow Safety Guidelines Off Campus

Faculty Senate COVID-19 Working Group committee members Scott Alberts and Nancy Daley-Moore recently assessed the pandemic through the week of Nov. 10. Truman-related cases have remained flat for much of the semester, however, Adair County has seen a spike in recent weeks.

Students and employees are encouraged to follow the same safety guidelines established on campus even when they are off campus. The “Swiss cheese” approach of taking multiple preventative steps is the best way to limit exposure to and spread of the virus. Everyone should wear a mask, maintain social distance, avoid gatherings and wash their hands regularly.

Alberts and Daley-Moore also encouraged students and faculty to plan ahead for the end of the semester. Students are advised to self-quarantine before leaving, and faculty members should maintain flexibility in terms of their incomplete policy and allowing quarantined students some leniency for turning in assignments. A recording of the conversation can be viewed here.

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