Truman’s United Way Campaign Update

After just its first week, Truman’s United Way campaign reached slightly more than $23,200. The United Way thanks everyone who has contributed. People really are making a difference for these agencies. For example, by donating less than $1 per week (or $50 per year), you provide transportation to Columbia for two families’ medical needs, groceries for a family of four for one week in the shelter, dues sponsorship for two 4-H club members, or training for five to six volunteers who assist area seniors with the Missouri Property Tax Credit (which last year alone returned more than $95,000 to seniors in the Kirksville community).

This week’s FAQ is a two-part question that people sometimes hear.

Q: “How can I find out how much I gave last year, and if I’m giving through payroll deduction, when does the new amount start getting deducted from my check?”

A:  If you gave through payroll deduction last year, you can check your donation amount at any time on TruView. Under the Employee tab, check your pay stub for the amount listed under “Benefits and Deductions” as going to the United Way. Because the current campaign is actually for the 2008 year, the amount you pledge in the current campaign will not be deducted until your January 2008 paycheck. If you gave last year via check or cash, you can contact Brad Chambers in Admission at 785.4114, Teri Heckert at 785.7530, or Nancy Pennington at the United Way office  at 665.1924 to find out the amount you contributed.
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