Global Issues Colloquium Continues Feb. 15

“Climate Change and the Global Refugee Crisis”
Christine Harker, Department of English and Linguistics
7 p.m.
Feb. 15
Baldwin Hall Little Theater

Presentation abstract: The immediate cost of climate change in the coin of human suffering is unmistakable: from heat stroke and starvation in the wake of record-breaking global temperatures and droughts to drownings in flash floods and ever-more energetic tsunamis, the line of direct causality is clear. However, the effects of global warming are not limited to simple, first-order cause-effect relationships. What is not widely recognized is the hand of climate change in our world’s increasingly unstable geopolitics, or the degree to which these chains of indirect causality can extend over time. Failed crops in one growing season can displace whole populations, destabilize countries, fuel resistance movements and drive international politics in the years to follow. This presentation will explore the central role of climate change in the global refugee crisis.

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