Black Alumni & Attendees Scholarship Committee Launches Challenge

Black alumni will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Black Alumni Reunion at Homecoming. In honor of this anniversary, they have established the Black Alumni & Attendees Scholarship to benefit black students attending Truman. To date, they have raised more than $7,000, thanks to the generosity of Truman’s black alumni and attendee community. However, they haven’t reached their goal yet.

In order to reach the goal of raising $10,000 by  Homecoming, the Black Alumni & Attendees Scholarship Committee launched the first ever Black Student Organization Challenge to alumni and attendees who are members of Greek organizations. The goal is to see which black organization can raise the most money that will benefit the Truman Black Alumni and Attendees Scholarship. The winners will be announced at this year’s Homecoming, Oct. 20-21. In addition, the winners of the challenge will receive a special recognition and the name of their organization will be placed on a plaque that will be displayed at the Multicultural Affairs Office.

They have extended this challenge to the students. Jars with each organization’s name will be placed in the Multicultural Office for student donations. The student fund-raising effort will be tracked with a “barometer of giving.” The goal is for each organization to raise $75. The student organization that raises the most money will be individually recognized during the Black Alumni Reunion celebration.

If you have any questions, please contact Jamie Hansen, Office of Advancement & Alumni Relations, 800.452.6678.
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