Educator of the Year Committee Selects 12 Semifinalists

Truman State University's Educator of the Year committee has announced 12 semifinalists from its field of nominated professors.

A record-breaking 66 professors were nominated by their students. They were then asked to submit an essay, given a prompt, and a sample syllabus. The 12 semifinalists were selected based on the nomination form submitted by the student, the essay and sample syllabus. They include Marc Becker, associate professor of history; Adam Davis, professor of English and interim director of Interdisciplinary Studies; Alan Davis, associate professor of accounting; Andrea Davis, instructor in French and German; Pam Gardner, assistant professor of nursing; David Gillette, professor of economics; John Ishiyama, professor of political science; Martin Jayne, associate professor of justice systems; Lee Orchard, professor of theatre; Marie Orton, associate professor of Italian; Eric Patterson, associate professor of chemistry; and Karon Speckman, associate professor of communication.

The committee will distribute questionnaires in the semifinalists' classes March 27-31. This information will be used to help select six finalists before selecting the Educator of the Year.

The 2006 Educator of the Year will be announced at the banquet at 6 p.m., May 2, in the Student Union Building Georgian Room.

The committee is comprised of representatives from the sponsoring organizations: Student Senate, Pershing Society and Phi Kappa Phi.
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