Scrivens Create Student Emergency Fund with $200,000 Campaign Gift


Don and Jolene Scriven

Don and Jolene Scriven of DeKalb, Ill., have established a special endowment fund to provide a helping hand to students facing a medical or family emergency.

The Don and Jolene Scriven Emergency Fund will be created with a $200,000 cash and deferred commitment through Truman’s “Bright Minds Bright Futures” campaign.

Students in good academic standing who demonstrate a financial hardship are eligible to apply for a grant to assist with unforeseen emergencies or crisis. Recipients and the value of each award will be considered and determined by an administrative committee headed by the Vice President of University Advancement. Students who receive grants will not be required to repay any portion of the grant, but will be encouraged to contribute to the principal of the fund as Truman alumni.

When the fund balance reaches $200,000, the administrative committee may also consider interest-bearing emergency loans to full-time faculty members for the purpose of paying moving expenses to the Truman State University community from a distance greater than 500 miles; or for emergency medical expenses incurred by a faculty member or his/her immediate family. The terms and repayment provisions will be determined by the administrative committee.

Don Scriven is a 1950 graduate of Truman and began his teaching career as a Truman economics professor. He later served the state of Missouri in various capacities, including associate director for finance for the Missouri Commission for Higher Education, and resumed his teaching career as professor of accounting systems and director of business computer education at Northern Illinois University.

Jolene Scriven is a 1954 graduate of Truman and served as a professor of management and director of doctoral programs in business at Northern Illinois University. She directed and authored pioneering research to define the components of word processing and office administration, has authored multiple books, and received a distinguished service award for outstanding service to business education.

In 2004, Don and Jolene received The President’s Leadership Award from Truman State University in recognition of significant personal contributions to the University. Don is also a past member of the Truman State University Foundation Board of Directors.
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