Vol. 15, No. 31 - May 3, 2011


  • Truman Forensics Team Finishes Season With Best Ever Showing at Nationals

    The Truman speech and debate team returned from the National Forensics Association Championship Tournament last week with the best finish in the history of the program. Truman finished second in Lincoln-Douglas debate sweepstakes and fifth in individual events sweepstakes in Division II.
    The national championship took place at Illinois State University in Normal, Ill., April 15-18. The tournament brought together 93 individual event and 25 debate schools from across the nation.

    The Lincoln-Douglas team was comprised of two seniors and four freshmen. It was freshman phenom Myra Milam who advanced to the quarterfinal round, placing her in the top eight debaters in the nation. No Truman competitor in Lincoln-Douglas debate has ever advanced further than the quarterfinal round.

    When reflecting on her first collegiate national championship, Milam commented, “You never know what those around you are capable of until you are all thrown into something as difficult and demanding as nationals. Watching the team come together and work so hard was inspiring. It made me glad to be a part of this team.”

    Senior Sarah Backhaus also advanced into elimination rounds in Lincoln-Douglas debate, making it to the octofinal round. This placed her in the top 16 of the 84 competitors. Both Milam and Backhaus were also awarded for their eloquent speaking style with speaker awards, winning third place and seventh place, respectively.

    These awards contributed to the team’s second place finish in Lincoln-Douglas debate sweepstakes.  This is the highest that Truman has ever placed, and it was a team effort. Every time a debater wins a preliminary or elimination round, points are added to the team’s total. It takes the whole team doing consistently well in order to win a sweepstakes trophy. Previously, the team’s best finish was fourth place.

    In individual events, sophomore Jessica Petrie finished second place in both Impromptu Speaking and Editorial Impromptu Speaking. With 250 competitors, Impromptu Speaking had the most entries at the championship. Editorial Impromptu, a new experimental event, only let an elite group participate—80 of the nation’s finest speakers.

    In Truman’s history, only one other person has reached second place, which was in 2001 when  freshman Ian Sammuel achieved the feat in After Dinner Speaking. No Truman student has accomplished this twice in the same national championship competition.

    Other awards included junior Andrew Grojean’s quarterfinalist finish in Persuasive Speaking. This put him in the top 24 of 200 speakers. These speakers hailed from all across the nation and had to qualify to attend the championship tournament.

    Petrie and Grojean’s awards contributed to the fifth place Individual Events Team Sweepstakes award, but again, it was a team effort. There were six students competing in individual events for Truman—three freshmen, two sophomores and one junior. Last year, Truman took three individual events competitors to the National Championship and, due to the small size of the entry, were placed in the small schools division where they took first of 46 similarly sized schools.

    This year, the team was moved up one division to the President’s Division II. This consisted of teams that had 15-22 event entries. With 17 event entries, Truman just barely made the cut-off point. Yet, the team managed to place fifth out of the 20 schools in this division—including schools such as the University of Michigan and Creighton University.

    “We’ve always been small in size but concentrated in talent,” said Kristi Scholten, director of Truman’s speech and debate team. “We have so much youth on this team and they are already impressing people. Mark my words: This is the team to watch in the next few years.”

    Anyone interested in more information about the Truman speech and debate team can contact Scholten at kscholten@truman.edu.

  • Choo Named 2011-2012 Presser Scholar

    Jenny Choo, a piano performance major from Wentzville, Mo., has been named a Presser Scholar for the 2011-2012 academic year.

    The “Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award” is given to an outstanding music major at the end of his or her junior year. The Presser Foundation honored Choo with this prestigious award this spring.

    University President Troy D. Paino (left) and David McKamie, professor of music, (right),
    congratulate Jenny Choo on being a 2011-2012 Presser Scholar.

    During her college career, Choo has been the keyboard player for various ensembles, including the Wind Symphony, the Truman State University Orchestra, University Chorus and Cantoria. For the past three years, she has performed four solo recitals and worked collaboratively in various student and faculty recitals.

    In 2010, Choo was selected as a winner of the Gold Medal competition in which she performed the first movement of the Shostakovich Piano Concerto No. 2 with the University Orchestra.

    After studying at Truman with David McKamie, professor of music, Choo plans to pursue degrees in both collaborative and solo piano in her graduate studies.

    Theodore Presser is remembered not only as the publisher of Etude, the music magazine, and as the founder of the great music publishing firm bearing his name, but also as a philanthropist who specialized in music education.

  • Physical Plant Receives Bulldog Award

    University President Troy D. Paino presents members of the Physical Plant with the Bulldog Award April 19. The Health and Exercise Science Department, represented by Chris Lantz (pictured top left), nominated the Physical Plant for their help in moving to new offices. The Bulldog Award recognizes “shared team achievement” for outstanding customer service practices. Faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate a department that strives to provide exceptional customer service. Nomination forms can be found online at http://hr.truman.edu/recognition/bulldogaward.
  • Minner Scholarship Formed Through Truman Foundation

    A scholarship fund honoring Sam Minner, the outgoing Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Education, and his wife Joan has been established at the Truman State University Foundation.

    Pictured, left to right: Darl Davis, Janet Gooch, Sam Minner,
    Stephanie Powelson, Chris Lantz and Paul Yoder.

    Minner joined Truman in 2000 as Division Head and Professor of Education. He was named Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Education in 2007 and headed programs in elementary, secondary and special education, school counseling, health science, exercise science, athletic training, nursing, advanced placement, professional development and the regional professional development center.

    Minner has been named provost at Radford University in Radford, Va., and will begin his new duties this summer.

    To contribute to the Sam and Joan Minner Scholarship fund, please contact the Truman State University Foundation at 785.4133.
  • Phi Beta Kappa Inducts New Members

    PhiBetaKappa2011 online.jpg
    Truman's Phi Beta Kappa chapter inducted new members April 17.

    Phi Beta Kappa inductees include:
    Daniel Behr
    Lena Benoit
    Amanda Brown
    Jennifer Brown
    Frankie Bruning
    Rebecca Coffman
    Jared Daugherty
    Holly Fling
    Lauren Greenspan
    Jill Hampton
    Ryan Harker
    Rachel Hinrichs
    John Hitson
    Michaela Hoffman
    Lauren Jensen
    Christian Johns
    Pernita Kapila
    Melissa Kapitan
    Hazar Khidir
    Jessica Kneib
    Kelly Kohlhagen
    Stephanie Koltookian
    Michelle Kreter
    Veronica LaCombe
    Madison March
    Lindsey Marolt
    Nicole Merritt
    Shannon Miller
    Christina Milne
    Amanda Nehrkorn
    Kjersti Nes
    Angela Page
    Beatriz Parks
    Jennifer Pearlstein
    Katherine Ramlose
    Adam Reynolds
    Stephen Riesenberg
    Kevin Robb
    Allison Rohde
    Ann Rosentreter
    Kevin Sack
    Raeanna Skinner
    Tanya Sylvester
    Dylan Terry
    Constance Tubbs
    Katherine Valli
    Aimee Vander Wal
    Mary Viets
    Kevyn Wiskirchen
    Yajie Yu
    Syed Zaidi
    Matthew Ziegler
  • Phi Kappa Phi Inducts New Members

    PhiKappaPhi2011 online.jpg
    Truman's Phi Kappa Phi chapter inducted new members April 10.

    Phi Kappa Phi inductees include:
    Juliet Alderson
    Emily Autrey
    Teresa Borgmeyer
    Elizabeth Bouchard
    Nicole Boyer
    Ashley Bracken
    Rachel Brown
    Angela Bubash
    Terin Budine
    Elise Bush
    Lauren Choate
    Julia Davis
    Emily Denight
    Quynh Duong
    Henry Dust
    Cara Eads
    Ainsley Fedler
    Seth Fitzgerald
    Julie Frye
    Eric Fuemmeler
    Nathan Hardy
    Megan Hartman
    Sarah Hartz
    Andrew Hill
     Jessica Hill
    Rachel Hinrichs
    Wyatt Hoffman
    Stephanie Howard
    Sarah Jacobson
    Jared James
    Lauren Jensen
    Pernita Kapila
    Matthew Kiblinger
    Jessica Kneib
    Kirstin Kuchler
    Danielle Lewis
    Xiang Li
    Kristin Lowry
    Talor Lutz
    Rachel Martin
    Erin Mayes
    Kathryn McClain
    Garrett McCormack
    Caitlin McGrath
    Caroline Mikaloff
    Jennifer Murray
    Audrey Nyi
    Alex Nyquist
    Stephanie Otto
    Carol Pedersen
    Sara Perrachione
    Tara Pfuhl
    Jessica Phillips
    Anne Ratermann
    Michael Reese
    Emily Richmeyer
    Kevin Robb
    Michael Roberts
    Joseph Rogers
    Emily Ross
    Sara Rudder
    Bethany Rye
    Erin Sanders
    Stephanie Schultz
    Corinne Schwarz
    Patrick Silvey
    Lindsey Stadler
    Tanya Sylvester
    Kelly Tharp
    Brian Tillis
    Andrew Tipping
    Robert Utterback
    Mary Viets
    Matthew Watson
    Jenna Wise
    Brooke Zell
  • Students Receive Academic Honor Awards

    The Annual Academic Honor Awards Assembly, which recognizes outstanding students who have dedicated time, energy and talent to their academic achievement, will take place May 6 in the Student Union Building Georgian Room. Alumna Stephanie Bell (‘05) an associate at Blitz, Bardgett, and Deutsch Law Firm in Jefferson City, will be the guest speaker.

    The following students will be honored as the outstanding student in their respective discipline:

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Accounting
    Iliyana Kuneva

    Outstanding Graduate Student in Accounting               
    Puskar Dahal

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Agricultural Science                    
    Amanda Brehm

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Anthropology           
    Tekla Chantae Rudie

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Art                                                             
    Anna Youngyeun

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Art History                                                
    Valerie Lazalier

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Art: Studio Art           
    Laura Wellington

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Art: Visual Communication                       
    Julianne Gross

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Athletic Training           
    Ole Midtbo   

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Biology                        
    M. Christine Graves

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Business Administration: Finance             
    Kayla Burch

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Business Administration: Management     
    Hannah Dumey

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Business Administration: Marketing         
    Amanda Kersting

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Business Administration: Marketing     
    Kristin Raby

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in International Business       
    Salisa Suwanprathip

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Chemistry                        
    Jeffrey Boschen

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Classics                                                      
    Emily Richens

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Communication: Journalism                      
    Nathan Vickers

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Public Communication                         
    Dana Bruxvoort

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Communication Studies                         
    Allison Toepfer

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Communication Disorders                         
    Margaret Hilliard

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Communication Disorders            
    Grace Strube

    Outstanding Graduate Student in Communication Disorders                                
    Bridget Conant

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Computer Science                                     
    John Marty III

    Outstanding Graduate Student in Counseling               
    Brandon Ping

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Economics             
    John Schneider

    Outstanding Graduate Student in Elementary Education                                       
    Matthew Carlson

    Outstanding Graduate Student in Secondary Education           
    Elizabeth Anderson

    Outstanding Graduate Student in Special Education                                               
    Elizabeth Duff   

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in English                                    
    Trevor Grizzell

    Outstanding Graduate Student in English                                           
    Patrick Silvey

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Exercise Science                                        
    Kathryn Martin

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in French                                                       
    Ryan Campbell

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in German                
    Tina Schutter

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in German               
    Mary Viets

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Health Science                                          
    Megan Temme

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in History                        
    Joseph Rogers

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Interdisciplinary Studies       
    Ann Bruno

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Interdisciplinary Studies       
    Sara Clark

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Justice Systems                      
    Jami Millhouse

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Linguistics             
    Alexis Simmons

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Mathematics               
    Joseph Palmer

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Music                                                         
    Katie Lakner

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Music               
    Kelsey Shields

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Nursing                                                     
    Laura Groebl

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Philosophy and Religion                
    Mark Lambert

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Physics                           
    Jeremy Little       

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Political Science                     
    Amanda Nehrkorn

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Psychology                        
    Katherine Judd

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Psychology                           
    Elizabeth Necka

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Romance Language           
    Erin Flannery

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Romance Language           
    Kevin Regan

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Russian               
    Kari Basquette

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Russian               
    Trevor Krost

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Sociology                        
    Krista Goodman

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Spanish                         
    Jacqueline Boos

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Theatre                                                       
    Madelaine Schmitt

    Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award                                                                       
    Alexandra Czahor

    General George C. Marshall ROTC Award                                   
    Joshua Dilday

  • Alumnus Larry Rigdon Returns for Commencement Address

    Commencement speaker Larry Rigdon embodies the ingredients of a successful entrepreneur – vision, determination, sweat equity, leadership – into a package that produces products and results. A 1970 Truman graduate and Kirksville native, Rigdon began his career in public accounting and advanced to become one of the nation’s premier leaders in the offshore marine services industry, or as he describes it, to “make the score rather than keep score.”

    Larry Rigdon2.jpg
    Larry Rigdon

    In a 37-year career, Rigdon has done everything from digging ditches to serving as the CEO of his own multimillion dollar company. He has worked around the globe, including stops in Egypt, Mexico and Southeast Asia. During his career, he progressed through a series of management positions at several companies as the offshore marine service industry experienced significant consolidations during the 1980s and 1990s. As the executive vice president of Tidewater, one of the world’s largest marine-services providers, Rigdon was responsible for operations in areas including the United States, the Middle East and the former Soviet Union, among others.

    By 2002, after only six weeks of retirement from Tidewater, Rigdon started his own offshore marine services company. Rigdon Marine, as the new company would come to be known, started with an order of 10 vessels, which Rigdon helped design. The new diesel-electric boats not only saved customers as much as 20 percent on fuel costs, they reshaped the industry with new redundant safety systems.  

    A few years later, Rigdon Marine had a fleet of 20 vessels and employed more than 300 people. Rigdon would go on to sell his company in June 2008 to GulfMark Offshore for an enterprise value of $585 million. That same year, Ernst & Young named Rigdon Entrepreneur of the Year for Offshore Marine Services.

    Rigdon remains active in the industry today and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Terresolve Technologies. He previously served on the Board of GulfMark Offshore and is active in several industry organizations.

    In addition to earning a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and business administration from Truman, Rigdon is a graduate of the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program. During his time at Truman, Rigdon was involved with Blue Key, Phi Sigma Epsilon, the Accounting Club and the Business Administration Club.

    Family, travel and downhill skiing are passions for Rigdon and his wife, Janet K. (Thompson) Rigdon, a 1971 graduate of the University. Larry and Janet are the proud parents of Matthew M. Rigdon and Megan (Rigdon) Cannizzaro and three grandchildren. Larry’s mother, Maxine Rigdon, is a lifelong resident of Kirksville.

    Commencement ceremonies are scheduled for 2 p.m. May 7 at Stokes Stadium.


  • Commencement Ceremonies

    2 p.m.
    May 7
    Stokes Stadium
    (Rainsite: Pershing Arena)

    Larry Rigdon, a 1970 Truman graduate, will give the commencement address.

    For more information about commencement ceremonies and detailed instructions for graduating students,
    visit http://provost.truman.edu/Graduation/index.asp.
  • Summer Internships: Photo Contest


    The Career Center is sponsoring a photo contest for students doing summer internships.

    The winner will receive a Walmart gift card!

    For more information, join the group on Facebook
    at http://facebook.com/trumancareercenter.
  • Greek Challenge for Excellence Awards

    Gold Chapters
    (portfolio score of 351-400):
    Alpha Gamma Delta
    Alpha Sigma Alpha
    Beta Theta Pi
    Delta Zeta

    Silver Chapters
    (portfolio score of 301-350):
    Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
    Sigma Kappa
    Sigma Tau Gamma

    Bronze Chapters
    (portfolio score of 250-300):
    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
    Pi Kappa Phi
    Phi Sigma Kappa
    Sigma Sigma Sigma
    Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

    Best Scholarship Program
    Beta Theta Pi
    Delta Zeta
    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

    Best Philanthropy Program
    Pi Kappa Phi
    Alpha Gamma Delta
    Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

    Organization of the Year
    Beta Theta Pi
    Delta Zeta
    Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

    Graduating Seniors with the Highest GPAs
    Sean Geary
    Beta Theta Pi

    Trisha Myers
    Sigma Sigma Sigma

    Ki’ara Cross
    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

    More info: http://greeklife.truman.edu/greekchallenge.asp
  • Bongo Ball Mania

    SAB Logo.jpg

    12-6 p.m.
    May 4

    Bongo Ball is like paintball without paint.
    Fire Nerf footballs from an air cannon at your friends on an inflatable course!
    All gear provided!
    Come de-stress on reading day!
  • Day of Play

    12-3 p.m.
    May 4

    Take a break from studying and come out to the Quad to play games.
    There will be free food and drinks. Sponsored by Residence Hall Association
  • Pickler Memorial Library

    Pick Up Anywhere

    Going home for the summer or doing some traveling?
    You can order MOBIUS books and have them delivered to any MOBIUS school.
    Check http://mobius.missouri.edu/screens/libinfo.html for a listing of schools.

    End of Semester Extended Hours

    May 3-5
    7 a.m.-2 a.m.

    May 6
    7 a.m.-6 p.m.

    May 7
    10 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network

    11 a.m.-4 p.m.
    May 3
    Student Union Building

    Join Staff Council as they raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network, which supports the University of Missouri-Columbia Children’s Hospital. Have your picture taken with Miss Gateway to the West Outstanding Teen, Morgan Carnes, in her crown. You can even embrace your inner royalty and try on one of Morgan’s retired crowns! Show your support and purchase a CMN hot air balloon for just $1.

  • Student Recreation Center May Interim Hours

    May 2-4
    9 a.m.-11 p.m.

    May 5-6
    9 a.m.-7 p.m.

    May 7-8

    May 9-13
    11 a.m.-2 p.m.

    May 14-15

    May 16-20
    11 a.m.-2 p.m.

    May 21-22

    May 23-27
    11 a.m.-2 p.m.

    May 28-30

    May 31-June 3
    11 a.m.-2 p.m.

    June 4-5
  • Next Issue

    The next issue of the Truman Today will be available online May 9 and in print May 10.
  • Scholarship Opportunities

    The Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis is inviting media communication and journalism students to apply for scholarships for the 2011-2012 academic year. Students of journalism or related fields who are residents of the St. Louis metropolitan area—City of St. Louis; Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln, St. Charles, St. Louis and Warren counties in Missouri; and Bond, Clinton, Jersey, Madison, Monroe and St. Clair counties in Illinois—are eligible to receive these scholarships. Applications are available online at http://stlpressclub.org/scholarships.html. Deadline for applications is May 2.

    Strategic Name Development
    is offering a $2500 scholarship opportunity for undergraduate students majoring in linguistics, English, marketing, or mass communications with at least a 3.0 GPA. Applications are available at http://namedevelopment.com/scholarship/. Application deadline is August 15.

    AES Engineers is providing $500 scholarships to high school seniors or college students, regardless of courses being studied, who meet certain criteria. Scholarships are intended for future leaders across a wide spectrum of fields of study. Students must submit an essay of no more than 1,000 words in answer to one of the questions posted at http://aesengineers.com/scholarships.htm. Deadline for entry is Oct. 7.


  • Notables

    Erin Flannery, a senior Spanish and romance languages double major, has been admitted to the Masters of Arts program in Spanish and Latin American Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies. This entire program is conducted on New York University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences’ campus in Spain.

    Rebecca Harrison, professor of classics, had her article “Exercises for Developing Prediction Skills in Reading Latin Sentences” published in the Fall 2010 issue of Teaching Classical Languages, available at http://tcl.camws.org. She also had a paper accepted for presentation at the American Classical Association Annual Institute in Minneapolis, Minn., in June. The presentation will be on “Teaching Students to Analyze Words Using Prefixes and Suffixes” and will include material from her current semester sabbatical.

    Jenny Johnson, a senior political science major, was the recipient of a Pi Sigma Alpha Best Paper Award at the 19th Annual Illinois State Conference for Students of Political Science on its Bloomington-Normal campus on April 8. Johnson presented her work entitled “Political Islam and Gender Inequality.” Also presenting at the meeting were political science seniors Syed Zaidi and Sarah Backhaus. Zaidi presented “Islam and Democracy in Asia.” Backhaus presented her paper entitled “Defense Pacts and Their Influence on Nuclear Proliferation.” She also chaired the panel on “Confronting The Islamic World.”

    Kevin Regan, a senior romance studies major, has been accepted into Georgetown University’s Italian Studies program for graduate work.