Enrollment Fees Approved at Board Meeting

The Truman Board of Governors approved an increase in tuition and required fees of +3.9 percent for Missouri undergraduates and +4.8 percent for non-Missouri undergraduates for the 2006-2007 academic year at the Feb. 18 meeting that took place on campus.

In-state enrollment fees for full-time students will be $5,970 (an increase of $115 per semester) while out-of-state costs for full-time students will increase to $10,400 (an increase of $240 per semester).
The Board approved continuing the $95 per semester Student Recreation Center fee and an $80 per semester Student Union fee. The Board approved the following fees for students enrolled in six or more semester hours during the academic year: a $34 per semester student activity fee, a $2 per semester student government fee, and a $25 per semester student health fee. 

The Board set the room and board fee for 2006-2007 at the December 2005 Board meeting. It will cost $7,020 per student for a two-person room in the new residence hall, $5,790 per student for a two-person room at Ryle/Centennial, $5,570 per student for a two-person room at Missouri/Dobson/Grim, $5,675 per student for a two-person room at Blanton/Nason/Brewer.

Student Senate presented its new vision document to the Board. The Board passed a resolution of appreciation for the Student Senate’s good work.
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