Ling Named Scholar Chair Professor in China

The Chinese Ministry of Education has selected Huping Ling, professor of history, as a Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor.

The new Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor program began in 2012. It is designed to select the most accomplished scholars in the world to help internationalize China’s higher education and research.

The program awards only 50 prominent scholars overseas annually to teach and conduct research with eminent Chinese scholars at selected institutions of higher education.

Ling’s chair professorship is associated with Wuhan Theoretical Research Center of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and the School of History and Cultural Studies at the China Central Normal University.

During her tenure, academic years 2012-2015, Ling will work jointly with prominent Chinese scholars, conduct research on Chinese overseas studies, give public lectures at conferences and universities, launch cutting-edge research projects, initiate new research institutions and programs, teach courses in Asian American studies and supervise doctoral dissertations.

Ling’s chair professorship will spread Truman’s name in China and help recruit Chinese students. The position will not impact her teaching schedule as she will only work in China during the winter and summer breaks.