Center for International Education Offers New Student-Based Resource

Four students will join the Center for International Education to serve as student ambassadors for the Fall 2012 semester.
Ambassadors Dylan Zielonko, Briana Bonner, Kelsey Boeding and Julianne Bauer, who each have previous experience studying abroad, will act as resources and mentors for other students who are considering, or have previously participated in, international education programs.

The main task for this fall’s student ambassadors will be to re-establish and oversee Truman’s study abroad club. This club is intended to connect people both involved and/or interested in studying abroad by offering its members the chance to meet former international students willing to share their experiences, providing students returning from abroad aid in their adjustment to possible culture shock and providing a network of current Truman students willing to help international students adjust to university and American culture.

Ambassadors will work on their choice of personal projects meant to promote international education throughout the semester. Tentative ambassador projects include working to revamp and maintain Truman’s Study Abroad Facebook page, giving country presentations, one-on-one peer advising with students considering study abroad, compiling a study abroad guide to feature helpful information for planning the trip and creating a Truman Study Abroad Twitter account.

Truman offers study abroad opportunities in more than 50 countries. The international education program was recognized in the “Study Abroad” section of U.S. News & World Report’s 2013 edition of “Best Colleges” for having high numbers of students studying abroad among top master’s universities.
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