Colloquium Explores International Topics

Beginning Sept. 20 the University launches its annual Global Issues Colloquium where both guest and faculty speakers are invited to present topics of interest. These events offer an opportunity for students and staff to examine and discuss their views on current and emerging global topics.

Phil Lutgendorf, professor of Hindi and modern Indian studies at the University of Iowa opens the forum with his lecture entitled “Chai Why? The Making of the Indian ‘National Drink,’” an examination of the social affects of tea drinking on popular Indian culture. Lutgendorf has authored various publications on Indian traditions. His most recent work “Hanuman’s Tale: The Messages of a Divine Monkey” examines the story of the Hindu monkey-god Hanuman and his role in Indian traditional folklore.

Presentations continue Oct. 18 with Huping Ling, Truman professor of history, who will discuss economic growth in Asia and its influences on current marketplace globalization. Rounding out the colloquium Nov. 15, Jay Walljasper, author of “All That We Share” and editor of will speak on the commons movement, an effort to broaden the positive applications of shared public spaces and use them to solve the major concerns of the present.

All events will take place in Magruder Hall 2001 at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Presentations are open to the public.