Institute to Oversee Summer Camps & Conferences

The Truman Institute, under the leadership of Kevin Minch, will now be coordinating the planning and marketing efforts of all summer camps and conferences.

This change came about due to the recommendations of the Summer Camp and Conference Committee appointed this past July by President Paino. The Committee was asked to develop solutions to grow and improve the University’s management of camps, institutes, conferences and events.

The Truman Institute will assume a number of the responsibilities currently shouldered by individual programs and previously handled by the Office of Conferences and Events in Student Affairs. The Institute will be responsible for coordinating schedules, communication, marketing and facilities use for special events, as well as nurturing new programs in their development and implementation.

Among the early goals of the plan will be to coordinate marketing efforts and develop a common portal for individuals and groups seeking to attend programs at Truman or to host a conference or event in campus facilities.

President Paino will also appoint a committee that will be tasked with reviewing existing policies regarding the use and rental of University facilities. The committee will be charged with exploring policies regarding rental rates for classrooms, the Student Union Building and other common spaces, as well as determining workable rules governing the appropriate fees for different types of user constituencies. The committee will include representation from a range of constituent groups, including Truman students.

Any individuals, departments or outside groups (including those outside groups whose events are sponsored by Truman faculty, staff or student organizations) that plan such events are asked to contact Minch at the Truman Institute at 785.5384 or
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