Tunnel Explores Oppression in Society

The Blanton Nason Brewer Hall basement will be transformed into the Tunnel of Oppression and open for tours from 7-9 p.m. March 23-25.

The Tunnel of Oppression allows participants to fully engage in the experience of several forms of oppression.

The event, which first began at Western Illinois University, has been adopted by many other universities nationwide and has been a positive diversity experience for participants who go through the tunnel. 

The Tunnel of Oppression was hosted at Truman for the first time last year with nearly 350 individuals in attendance, and more than 70 volunteers.
This year’s tunnel will include rooms that focus on seven different areas of oppression from past and present American culture.

The areas are focused on immigration, poverty, physical disabilities, mental disabilities, religion, racism and sexual orientation.

The individuals who attend this event will experience a part of society they may not have otherwise seen or experienced.

“Breaking Down the Wall,” a reflection program, has been added to the program to help break down stereotypes that feed oppression. “Breaking Down the Wall” will take place March 31 outside of Blanton Nason Brewer Hall.

Sponsors for the Tunnel include: Funds Allotment Council, Blanton Nason Brewer Hall Senate and the Residence Life Diversity Committee. “Breaking Down the Wall” is sponsored by the Multicultural Affairs Center.
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