Court of Appeals Hosts On-Campus Session

For the fourth year in a row, the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, will convene court at Truman. At 9 a.m. Feb. 17, a three-judge panel consisting of Chief Judge Thomas H. Newton, Judge Joseph M. Ellis and Judge Cynthia L. Martin, will hear oral arguments in five cases in the Student Union Building Activities Room.

The cases are appeals from previously held trials in area circuit courts. The judges will hear attorneys argue whether the trials had errors, which should cause them to be retried, or the trial court’s judgment reversed. The judges will read written arguments before the court session and may interrupt the attorneys’ arguments with questions.

The three judges will take a break in between cases and remain after the session to discuss the court system and generally explain proceedings.

This will be the fifth session of the Western District at Truman and the 17th time that the court has convened in Kirksville. It convenes regularly in Kansas City. Its jurisdiction is appeals from trial courts in 45 counties, which includes all of northwest Missouri and most of central Missouri.  

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