“Science on Saturday” Provides Interactive Learning Environment for Area Students

Area grade school children will have the opportunity for interactive learning during the “Science on Saturday” program on campus Oct. 31.

“Science on Saturday” is a free program targeted to children in grades 2-5 with the goal of expanding their knowledge at a young age by providing fun ways to learn.

Students participating in “Science on Saturday” will get the opportunity to interact with Truman students.

The most important objective of this program is to cultivate children’s interest in the environment through interactive learning. Expanding a child’s knowledge at a young age will help them to become more active with various facets of science and provide them with tools to remain active. During the lessons, the teachers will provide interactive activities that allow the children to learn through participation.

Members of Truman’s national biological honor society, Beta Beta Beta, will conduct two sessions in Magruder Hall, one from 9-11:30 a.m. for second and third grade students, followed by another session from 1-4 p.m. for fourth and fifth grade students.

To participate, students must have signed permission slips from their parents. Permission slips have been distributed in local schools. Parents can request additional permission slips by e-mailing cpl4241@truman.edu or kmk8788@truman.edu.
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