Faculty Forum Begins with Look at Abraham Lincoln

In November of 2005 the Truman State University Press published “Encounters with Lincoln: Images and Words,” by Thomas J. Trimborn. The book was the result of eight years of research and creativity, which involved Trimborn’s great interests—Abraham Lincoln, art and music. 

Even as Lincoln's 2009 bicentennial year approaches, he still matters today as his story continues to inspire generations of people around the world. In this lecture presentation, Trimborn will exhibit and discuss several of his 31 original Lincoln portraits that are reproduced in his book and tie them to his historical research, which provides the basis of the book text. In addition, the music of the era, just as Lincoln heard it, will also be discussed and demonstrated live and via recordings.

The artist, musician, poet and sculptor represent many that have helped to tell the Lincoln story—most powerfully through painting, sound and word, verse and bronze. Lincoln lives through the arts as surely as he does in the historical record.  The memory of his honesty, devotion to justice, love for the American people, and his determination that this nation should be united in peace and freedom endures. 

The Truman Faculty Forum was created in 2003 to give faculty the opportunity to present their research and creative work to the Truman community and to enhance the importance of scholarship and creativity in the culture of the institution. In the spirit of the liberal arts, the Forum provides one more way of exposing all members of the Truman community to various fields of investigation. The Oct. 7 lecture is the first in the Fall 2009 series.

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