Alumni Featured in New Library Collection

Pickler Memorial Library has a new “Special Collection.”

“Alumni Publications” was created and added to the catalog in December to acknowledge the scholarship and creativity of former Truman students. Approximately 50 volumes previously catalogued to Missouriana and Rare Books were brought together to form the core of the collection with more books, recordings and scores to be added as the staff identifies the authors, publishers or producers as Truman alumni.

Many of the volumes in the collection so far, especially those published in recent years, are signed copies that were gifts of the authors to the library or to the University via the Alumni Office.

The oldest title is “Columbian Historical Novels,” a 13-volume set originally published in 1891 by John R. Musick, an alumnus from the class of 1874. The most recent is a Civil War history published in 2008 and catalogued to MoColl just a few days before it was moved to the new collection.

The location of the new collection on the catalog is “Truman Sp Coll Alumni.”

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