Global Issues Colloquium Returns Nov. 20

Bonnie Mitchell, assistant professor of sociology, will present the next Global Issues Colloquium at 7 p.m. Nov. 20 in Magruder Hall 2001.

Mitchell’s presentation, “Indigenous Survival: Strategies of Cultural Resistance,” will explore how smaller, less economically powerful groups preserve cultural integrity and autonomy inside dominant societies and what strategies of cultural resistance they employ.

The Global Issues Colloquium, hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning, allows faculty and some guest presenters to address issues outside the familiar perspective. This colloquium annually offers some of the most stimulating discussion on campus. The presenters prompt those in attendance to expand their frame of context on current issues such as refugeeism, terrorism, global media coverage, radioactive and nuclear waste disposal, global warming and stem cell research. Programs are planned by a faculty steering committee.

Most sessions are recorded, edited for classroom time and usage, then catalogued for check-out in Pickler’s Media Library.  Search the library’s catalog with the keywords, “global issues.”
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