New Programs Meet Emerging Needs


Truman will soon offer interdisciplinary degree programs in environmental sciences and cannabis and natural medicinals in an effort to meet the demands of emerging career fields.

The environmental science program explores a field of study with rising student interest that leverages existing areas of expertise on campus. Students in the major will develop skillsets to address environmental problems such as biodiversity loss, resource use and the cascading effects of climate change through scientific inquiry. In addition, students will explore the interface between the scientific information about environmental issues and public awareness of and engagement with those issues.

The content of the environmental sciences major complements the ENVS minor, which is focused on broadly evaluating how people and the environment interact, as well as using information produced by environmental scientists to drive policy decisions, public outreach or advocacy campaigns, and environmental education initiatives.

With the widespread, state-level decriminalization and legalization of cannabis in the United States, the cannabis industry, including cultivation and processing of secondary compounds, is expanding, resulting in an increased demand for trained and knowledgeable employees. Students in the cannabis and natural medicinals program, will explore multiple aspects of naturally occurring (i.e., non-synthetic) chemical compounds and their uses as therapeutics in traditional and holistic medicinal practices. Additionally, the use of traditional medicines, including compounds such as essential oils and natural hallucinogens, has cultural and historical significance, and their use is increasing in a variety of traditional and modern medical applications. The four options within the major allow students to choose the area of study – cultivation, analytical science, society and philosophy, or business and entrepreneurship – that best suits their career goals.

Students will be able to pursue these degree programs starting in fall 2023.
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