Stolen Van and Missing Cemetery Among “Tea Time” Topics

University President Sue Thomas welcomed Jamie D’Agostino, professor of English, for a recent episode of “Tea Time with Sue.”

Now in his 16th year at Truman, D’Agostino is known for his creative writing courses where some of his unique techniques for sparking creativity have even found their way into the JBA classes he teaches to middle school students in the summer.

D’Agostino discussed how he likes to venture into nature to find inspiration for his own work, including a rural cemetery he visited once, but had trouble finding a second time. He recently published his second full-length collection of poetry, “The Goldfinch Caution Tapes,” which won the Anthony Hecht Prize. It is available from Amazon and Weywiser Press.

During the conversation, D’Agostino shared his love for his hometown Chicago Bears, as well as how a few white lies and the illegal use of a radio station promotional van led to him being the first person in Chicago to drink Cherry Coke when the beverage was reintroduced in the 1980s. The entire podcast conversation can be found on the Truman Spotify channel. The complete video is also posted on the Truman YouTube channel.

Throughout the school year, President Thomas will welcome guests for one-on-one chats that shine a light on the people and things that make Truman the special place it is. New episodes will be announced in the Truman Today as they become available. Guests for “Tea Time with Sue” can be nominated at Follow Truman on social media for video excerpts from “Tea Time with Sue.”
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