Team-Teaching Grants

This year Academic Affairs offered a professional development opportunity to faculty interested in gaining knowledge and experience teaching a new course to help cover curricular needs in departments. Fully Integrated Team-Teaching Grants were offered to a team of faculty serving as joint instructors of the same course, collaborating with each other and integrating their work throughout the entire course. One instructor with expertise in the course content and experience teaching the course will team-teach with an instructor who has less content knowledge and experience. As an outcome of the experience, the newly trained faculty member will teach the course independently in the near future.  
The five teams are listed below:
Shanshan Lv and Tetyana Beregovska team-teaching STAT 220, Fundamentals of Data Science, Spring 2022.

Marty Strange and Julie Lochbaum team-teaching DS 480, Disabilities Studies Capstone, Spring 2022.
Ruthie Halma and Jon Beck team-teaching CS 370, Software Engineering, Spring 2022.
Marc Becker, Kathryn Brammall and Dan Mandell team-teaching HIST 2100, Institutional History of the United States, Spring 2022.

Carol Thatcher and Scott Alberts team-teaching PDAT 622, Argumentation in Data Science, Fall 2022.

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