Folklore Conference

The Missouri Folklore Society’s annual meeting took place online, Nov. 4-6. Amy Norgard, associate professor of classics, gave the keynote talk, “A Woman Scorned: Hera in Film, Television, and Video Games.” Alumnus Dr. Nathaniel Williams, now associate professor of English at the University of Califorinia-Davis, gave the second plenary, “Mark Twain and the Science Fiction of his Era.”

Betsy Delmonico, professor emerita of English, gave a reading from a folklore-based novel, “Goods and Effects,” by Al Schnupp. This novel is newly published by Golden Antelope, the press Delmonico runs with her husband Neal.

Alumnus Joe Slama presented on the particularities of Cherokee Catholicism. Alumna Taylor Libbert, active in the preservation of Missouri’s PawPaw French dialect, performed a field-collected folktale in that language. Mika Zans’ capstone project for the folklore minor was a computer program deploying choose-your-own adventure structures to gamify the motif-based variation of traditional folktales.

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