Students and Employees Should Complete Vaccine Surveys

As the pandemic and mitigation strategies continue to evolve, it is important that Truman has the most timely and accurate information possible to inform its decisions, including the mask mandate. Students, faculty and staff are invited to complete both of the following surveys.
Survey No. 1
To share your vaccination status, click here. When the Google login is presented, enter a Truman email address to complete the survey.  The site is available through the close of business on Sept. 10.
There are only two questions on the first survey:

1. Are you fully vaccinated for COVID-19?
2. If you answered “no,” have you begun the vaccination process?
Those who answer “yes” to either of the questions will be asked to upload an image of their vaccination card so the University can have the most accurate information about verification status. Once Human Resources verifies vaccination status from the card image, the card image will be deleted. The image will be deleted no later than Sept. 17. Anyone who does not wish to upload an image of their vaccination card can bring their card to Human Resources from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday in McClain Hall 101 to share their status. Vaccination status is being collected to have knowledge about the campus as a whole.
Survey No. 2
To participate in the second survey, click here. This eight-question survey is sponsored by Truman’s Faculty Senate COVID-19 Working Group, and faculty and staff are encouraged to share their thoughts.
The survey asks about personal health and attitude information; data are collected anonymously and can only be accessed by the Faculty Senate COVID-19 Working Group. Aggregated results will be shared with the campus. The purpose of the survey is to gather information that may inform strategies to promote a healthy and thriving campus.
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