Beaky to Present Truman Faculty Forum

"Astronomy Research at the Truman State University Observatory"

7-8:30 p.m. • March 3
Magruder Hall 2001

Matthew Beaky, associate professor of physics, will provide an overview of ongoing research projects at the Truman Observatory, including the motivation for the research, observational techniques, and examples of data acquired by Truman students. A special feature of this presentation will be a remote link to the Observatory telescope and the display of real-time images and/or data.

Since its construction in 2003, the Truman State University Observatory has become a valuable resource for astronomy education, outreach, and undergraduate research. The Observatory has a suite of state-of-the-art equipment to support a range of undergraduate research projects, including a recently upgraded telescope, CCD cameras, photoelectric photometers, stellar spectrometers, and radio telescopes.

Topics  Beaky will address include:
       • Measurements of “neglected” double stars;
       • Monitoring solar activity by observation of the state of the Earth’s ionosphere;
       • Mapping the distribution of neutral hydrogen in the Galactic plane;
       • Detection of extra-solar planets by observing planetary transits;
       • Photometric observations of variable stars, including eclipsing binary stars;
       • Determining the rotation period of asteroids; and
       • Spectroscopy of long-period variable stars.

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