Census Data is Vital for Truman and Kirksville


Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused some confusion, the 2020 Census is still being conducted, and there are some important things for students to consider.

The census is conducted every 10 years, and it is a critical resource. Census data is used to calculate the number of elected representatives each state gets, and it is also considered in deciding where to build factories, offices and other resources that serve local communities. The census is used to improve transportation, infrastructure and affordable housing.

For college students, the census affects federal student loan programs, campus funding, health and social services, campus improvements and various legislation. It is crucial all college students participate in the census and do so correctly.

April 1 is the official census date, and everyone should fill out the census based on where they would have been living on that date under normal circumstances. Students who were living off campus and have returned to their hometown due to the coronavirus pandemic should take that into consideration when they fill out the census. Students who were living on-campus have already been counted through Residence Life, and they do not need to take any action.

Students can complete the 2020 Census online at my2020census.gov. For more information, visit census.mo.gov.
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