Bike Co-op Wins $2,000 Match for the Student Giving Campaign

From Feb. 26 through March 2, KTRM, the Women’s Resource Center and the Bike Co-op competed in the Student Giving Campaign.

All three organizations competed for the greatest number of students donating $5 or more to their cause. KTRM was raising money for station and music upgrades, the Women’s Resource Center was raising money for free STI testing on campus and the Bike Co-op was raising money for their new campus bike share program.
The Bike Co-op came in first place with 68 student donors and received a $2,000 match from alumna donor Colleen Ritchie (’84). The Women’s Resource Center came in second place with 35 donors and received a $1,000 match. KTRM came in third place with 30 donors and also received a $500 match. Young alumni, parents and friends also supported improving the student experience during the Student Giving Campaign.